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What steps you must follow to verify the invoice that we sent to you?

In order to assure to you that the invoice is sent by Solutions Thinks and that its content has not been manipulated, you can follow the following steps:

  1. It accedes to the following connection of the Tributary Agency: https://aeat.es/facturac.html and installs the ActiveX control that asks for the page. It requires versions of navigator Netscape 4,06, IE 4, Mozilla 1,7 or later.

  2. The C:\aeat directory believes in your equipment and keeps here the Firma.f64 file that we sent to you with the invoices.

  3. In https://aeat.es/facturac.html, he beats on “Reading invoice with signature (. F64)? and selects the Firma.f64 file. The page of the AEAT will take some seconds in processing it.

  4. Beam click in the option “To verify Signature of Invoice?. Then, a file is generated in C:\aeat\ that must agree with the Factura.html file that we sent to you by email. It verifies if the content has been altered and if the invoice correctly is signed. In that case, in the navigator it must appear a message of validation.

Ten in account that you will have to conserve these invoices (to the being received by electronic mediums) so that its legibility in the original format makes sure in which they have been received. Also the one of the associate data and mechanisms of signature verification or other elements authorized that guarantee the authenticity of their origin and the integrity of their content (19 Art.s and FOLL of RD 1496/200).

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