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Frequent questions:


What happens if I surpass the transference of my Web?

The transference consumption is something that does not depend on you, but of the visitors of your Web. If you have many can happen that you passes and you cannot make nothing avoid it.

Our Hosting has a very high transference because it is thought so that they are useful by themselves without needing extending resources. But what happens if you surpass the transference of your Web?

Before surpassing the contracted transference, you will receive an email in your direction of contact having warned to you of it and offering 3 possibilities to you so that you choose:

  1. Not to do anything. In such case, when all the transference is consumed, your website will be deactivated until the month in course finishes. In its place, the circumstance will appear a page indicating of the temporary decontamination. This option allows not to have to pay you more than the service costs.

  2. To acquire a package of transference of 1 GB by 5 €. This transference has to be consumed in the month in course, not being valid for the following months. This solution is indicated if you think that this month you have gone through some special circumstance, but that the remaining months will not go of transference.

  3. To pass to hosting superior. It is free, you do not lose your pages, nor accounts of mail and, in addition, we reimbursed the part to you nonconsumed of hosting present. This option is the adapted one when you really need all the months a greater transference the one than it gives your hosting you present.

If you are not wanted to worry about your transference, you only must contract the Unlimited Plan that has limitless transference.

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