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Frequent questions:
General information

General information

What is the transference? What happens if I surpass the transference of my Web?

The monthly transference of data including in the price of our Hosting counts the total of the data that are transferred from the Web server towards the computers of those who see your pages.

In the calculation of the transference the archives transferred via FTP do not consider, nor either the transference that generate the mail accounts. Only the data sent by the Web server to the visitors of your pages.

At the moment there are certain types of archives (videos, music, programs to unload from your page…) that they occupy more space and, therefore, they consume more unloaded transference to the being. These usually are the main generators of problems that they have to do with excesses of transference consumption.

Before surpassing the contracted transference, you will receive an email in your direction of contact where the steps were explained to you to follow.

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