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Frequent questions:


What difference exists between the different types from domains .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .mobi, .es, .eu, .tv, .cc, .cat, .be, .ws, .tel and .mx?

The initial objective with that these extensions were created was the following one:

  • .com related to the commerce.

  • .net with the Internet network.

  • .org with organizations.

  • .info talks about to information.

  • .biz is the British abbreviation of business (business).

  • .mobi with movable devices.

  • .es is the territorial one of Spain.

  • .eu is the domain of the European.

  • .tv is the territorial one of Tuvalu.

  • .cc is territorial of Islands the Coconuts.

  • .tel with telecommunications.

  • .cat with Catalan the linguistic and cultural community.

  • .be is the territorial one of Belgium.

  • .ws is the territorial one of Samoa.

  • .mx is the territorial one of Mexico.

Although this outside their original intention, the majority of the extensions nowadays does not have use restrictions and they are possible to be used creatively. For example, .ws as indicative of website, the extension is habitual to use the extension .tv for domains related to the television or .be for personal domains.

There are some extensions for which they continue applying certain restrictions. For example: .eu whose registry is limited the residents in the European Union and companies or organizations with headquarters in the same. As well as in .mobi and .tel that is destined to movable devices.

So far only we realised the registry of domains with the extensions previously indicated. If you already have a domain with a different extension, you will be able to contract hosting with us although you maintain the domain in your present recorder. You have indicated the process that you must follow in this case in our frequent questions of hiring.

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