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certificate SSL

With the security of your users one does not gamble. With a certificate SSL your data always will travel safe.

It demonstrates to your visits that you are of confidence!


25 €/año 12,5 €/año

  • Sample https and a padlock in the navigation bar
  • Available between 1 and 2 hours
  • The domain certifies
  • Guarantee of cover of 10,000 $
  • Emitted by Rapid SSL

True BusinessID-EV

200 €/año 100 €/año

  • Sample https and a padlock in the bar of navigation with extended validation
  • Available between 1 and 2 days
  • It certifies the domain and the organization
  • Guarantee of cover of 1.500.000 $
  • Emitted by Geotrust

Applicable promotion SSL 50% the first year.

Your SSL, the best election without doubts

Certificates SSL indicate your visitors who your website is of confidence and which you have taken a series from safety measures so that its searches, navigation or interchange of data is realised without problems.

In what cases I need a certificate SSL?

If you have an electronic commerce and your clients must provide their data or to realise transactions is fundamental. Also in case you have some form or area deprived in your Web. In addition, the SSL contributes to improve your positioning SEO and avoids that navigators as Chrome or Firefox indicates your Web as “nonsafe?.

How know your do visits that you have a SSL?

The users online have learned to look for signs of confidence in the websites when they realise transactions or they must leave his data. The area code “https?, the padlock in the bar of the navigator and site seal are these signs that your visitors guarantee who are safe to realise searches, to sail and to buy in your Web.

What includes the cover guarantee?

Our SSL has a cover guarantee that applies in case the holder suffers certain damages during the use of a Certificate and whenever the negligence of the emitter is demonstrated. Each emitter (Thawte or Geotrust) has some certain conditions.

Certification of the domain and the organization?

One of the main targets of the SSL is to consider the credibility of a Web. For it, there is SSL that only authenticates the ownership of the domain, that is to say, to whom it belongs. Others, in addition, realise a complete validation of the organization. Whatever more information has your visitors, more confidence will have in your website.

Our SSL guarantees to you

  • Security of the data of your users

    Level of encryption of up to 256 bits protecting the interchange of data with your visitors, avoiding who somebody can rob data.

  • The confidence of your usarios in your Web

    Your visitors will know that your Web has a SSL and is safe when seeing: the https:// area code and a padlock in the bar of the navigator.

  • 99% of compatibility with navigators

    Our compatible SSL is of confidence and for almost all the navigators who are at the moment in use.

  • Brands of prestige


  • ®and RapidSSL is brands of recognized prestige that will contribute to your Web a seal that demonstrates the security of your Web.

    Security for your main domain

All our Certificates SSL will credit the security of the data of your visitors for an only domain.

In addition, with your Certificate SSL


Before any doubt that can arise to you, you have a team of experts to help you.


14-What includes the cover guarantee?