Responsibilities of the holder of a domain name .mx

Ref: CMX_010414

The request of registry of a domain name .mx supposes the acceptance on the part of the holder of the conditions that are to govern the allocation and management of the domain name .mx and that next take shelter, of nonrestrictive way.



The Registrante, the Contacts and the Client of the Name of Political Domain must accept the Base, as well as recognize and accept the faculty of Regitry .MX to eliminate, to add and to modify Political happiness Base, published in the website of Registry .MX (



2.1. The Names of Domain that are tried or gotten to register will have, at any moment, to fulfill Political the Base.

2.2. The Registrante recognizes and accepts that:

1.    It does not acquire property rights on the Name of registered Domain, nor on the information of the Name of Domain.

2.    Registry .MX has the right to publish and to reveal to third parties the Information of Name of Domain, as much in the WHOIS as to competent authorities that therefore ask for it.

3.    Registry .MX will be able to send the notifications that consider suitable to the Registrante.

4.    That Registrar has the right to share the Information of Name of Domain with Registry .MX.

5.    Registry .MX has the right to migrate the names of Domain of Registrar to another RAR in case of completion of the Contract.



3.1. During the use in the Agreement, the Registrante must:

1.    To notify to Registry .MX, through Registering, of any change in the Information of Name of Domain.

2.    To fulfill and to respect Political the Base.

3.2. The Registrante will not have, directly or indirectly, to register or to use a Name of Domain to realise illicit.

The rates applicable to the administrative procedure and the obligatory instructions of payment appear in the Annex To of the present Additional Regulation of RAC and appear published in the webpage of the Supplier.



The Registrante guarantees that it fulfills all the requirements for register a Name of Domain, at the time of the registry and throughout the time that maintains the registry of the same, in agreement with Political the Base. And it accepts that in case stops fulfilling the mentioned requirements, the Name of Domain could be eliminated by Registrar or Registry .MX.



5.1. The Registrante, the Contacts and the Client recognize and accept:

1.    That they will maintain peacefully and out of danger to Registry .MX of any responsibility that could get to arise in relation to the Name of Domain.

2.    That they are not going to protest or to initiate, directly or indirectly, any type of claim, action, demand or procedure against Registry .MX.

3.    That Registry .MX is not responsible, in no case, of any direct damage, indirect, special, punitorio, unit or consecuencial, including but not limiting resulting damages of the loss of the use, of gains, the entrance of the business and/or damages of third parties related to the breach of Registrar of its obligations under the Agreement or the Contract.

4.    That Registry .MX has the right to finish the Contract at any time, without Registry .MX incurs any type of responsibility.

5.    That in no case, Registry .MX is responsible for the use of a Name of Domain, nor of the conflicts, disputes, claims or threats against Registrar, of the Registrante, the Contacts, or the Client; including but not limiting the cases related to the Intellectual Property of third or an illicit one executed by Registrar or a third party.

6.    Their commitment to release of all responsibility and to compensate to Registry .MX derived from any conflict of civil, mercantile, labor, penal, administrative type or of any other nature, that is provoked, directly or indirectly, as a result of the protected activities in the present Agreement and/or in relation to the Name of Domain, as well as related to the rights and the obligations contained in the same in charge of Registrar, reason why is commited to defend, to release peacefully and to remove and safe from all responsibility to Registry .MX, in case of any claim, investigation, audit, demand, complain, judgment or controversy that begins by any third party or competent authority against Registry .MX, related to such facts. Also, the Registrante, the Contacts, and the Client will have to pay or to reimburse to Registry .MX as soon as him is required the payment, all the expenses, positions, fines, indemnifications, honoraria of lawyers and other professionals or any other applicable concept according to the indicated thing in the present document.

5.2. Without concerning any other provision of this document and in the complete extension that the applicable legislation allows, Registry .MX will not be responsible before the Registrante, the Contacts and/or the Client by the consecuenciales, indirect damages, or special losses or damages of any type, that undergoes the Registrante, the Contacts and/or the Client as a result of any action or omission of any type of Registry .MX, its employees, agents, To register, RARs or subcontractors.