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Frequent questions:


Are the renovation invoices automatic?

For a greater comfort of our clients, the renovations are realised of automatic form. Independent of the form of payment that you have chosen in your Area of Client (debit or credit card), the amount corresponding to the renovations will be loaded of automatic form and you will not have to worry to you don't mention it more.

With respect to the emission of the invoices of renovations of Hosting, we informed to you that:

  • - The same day of the victory of the services of Hosting an invoice by the following contracted period will be emitted, as long as you do not enter your Area of Client prior to that date and the DES of loss.

  • - However, the invoices of renovation of the domain registries emit two months before the lapsing of the same, for reasons of security and to avoid their lost one, by any problem that could arise with the payment.

The process of renovation of domains, consists of the following steps:

  • - Two months before the date of expiration of your domain, the renovation invoice will be emitted that will be sent to you by email to your direction of contact.

  • - Some days later the amount in your bank account will be loaded to you if you had chosen as preferred form of payment debit.

  • - If by the account one, the preferred form of payment were credit card you will have to manually realise the payment from the section “Invoices? of your Area of client.

  • - The domain will renew habitually in its expiration date as long as the invoice is paid, although the exact day will depend on the norms of the recording organization that manages each extension. All the process is automatic.

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