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Frequent questions:


Which are the types of registries DNS?

The type entrances To determine that a name responds to a direction IP. Ex: www.hosting-ehost.com To

The entrances of type CNAME are “alias? of other names and have the form: hosting-ehost.com. CNAME www.hosting-ehost.com
In this example we indicated that the requests to the name without www solve direction IP of the name with www.

Entrances MX serve so that the mail servants know where to find the adressees of a message. We can have several entrances MX for a same domain and will have a priority that will cause that they are tried to give the messages to the lower active MX. For example:
hosting-ehost.com. MX 10 mail.hosting-ehost.com
he indicates that the servant of mail of level 10 for “hosting-ehost.com? is in direction IP mail.hosting-ehost.com.


  • The points at the end of a name are important, because by defect the name of the domain is added if they are not indicated. You do not avoid them.

  • The changes in registries DNS are very delicate, since an error can leave without service the domain. In addition, they take up to 48 hours in propagating by Internet, reason why he is better to make the smaller possible changes.

  • The entrances of registries DNS are not sufficient by themselves so that a service works. They only indicate the directions IP of which solve requests of names associated to a domain. It is necessary that in these directions IP there are programs servants with specific configurations for the domain.

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