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Frequent questions:


What I do if I have problems to pay with credit card the hiring of the services?

S.A. to realise the payment by means of credit card you have obtained an error, means that this payment has not been correct, reason by which the discharge of your services has not been realised.

If the problem is that the payment system requests additional data to you as the code for electronic transactions, etc. you must know that, at the moment, for reasons of security, many organizations force his clients to register itself with some key to be able to realise payments through Internet, as it could be this case. Ponte in touch with the emitting organization of your card so that they provide the necessary data to you and you will be able to realise the payment without no problem.

In order to solve it, you can return to realise the process of hiring with the data that already they identify to you that is to say: the email of contact and the password of client including in the initial hiring. You will be able to again choose the payment by means of credit card (VISA or Master Card) or banking transference (this payment has a 2 surcharge of € + IVA by expenses of management).

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