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Frequent questions:


If I solicit does the transfer to Think Solutions I will lose information of my Web and my post office?

At the time of realising the transfer of your domain to Solutions Thinks, follows the following indications so that, in the process, you do not lose mail and that your Web does not leave of it turns at no moment:

  1. Contract the Hosting that better adapts to your project, without transferring the domain then.

  2. Once register the Hosting, accedes to its Control Panel from the section “Services? of your Area of Client.

  3. In the section “Mail/Mailboxes? within your Control Panel, you will have to discharge from the hospital all the email addresses for your domain who you had active in your previous supplier.

  4. You will have to raise the webpages of your domain (copy them of your previous supplier) the space in disc of your domain in Thinks Solutions. Within your Control Panel, in the section “Web/FTP?, you will find the data to raise your webpages the servant. It remembers that while the transfer of the domain is not realised, you will have to use as servant/host FTP direction IP of the Web server and nonftp.tudominio.com. This direction appears at the entrance in the section “DNS/Entrada DNS? www of your domain. With these two last steps you will make sure that you have duplicated all the structure of the domain of your previous supplier in Thinks Solutions, and so there would not be loss on watch.

  5. Now already you can transfer your domain to Thinks Solutions without fear to lose the information of your Web and the mail. You will have to hope to that we confirm the transfer to you of the domain. When ours is already managed to traverse, you do not forget to ask for the loss of his maintenance to your previous supplier to avoid duplicity problems. We recommended to you that, before terminating the service of mail, you make a copy of the content of each mailbox.

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