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Positioning SEO

Positioning SEO | hosting-ehost rankingCoach

How I choose the key words for my positioning?

The main thing is that you choose the key words that better describe your project and by that a user could look for to you. Some ideas that can help you:

  • I know very concrete at the time of choosing the key words of your project. For example, if you have a restaurant in Lugo, instead of selecting “restaurant?, chooses “Lugo restaurant?.
  • keyword values the associate volumes search to each. If he is very great, it is very probable that there are many competitors bidding up by that word and it is difficult to you to position you in the first positions. If they are very low is possible that it is because does not generate much interest reason why, although to position is simple, nobody will look for these terms to you.
  • it thinks about which does different from your business with respect to your competition, your strength and why people look for a business as yours in Internet.

At any time that you consider it opportune for your strategy of positioning you will be able to change the order of the key words or to add new in the Control Panel of rankingCoach.

In order to complement the effectiveness of the key words that you have chosen in ranckingCoach, we recommended to you that also you use them in the content of your webpage.

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