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Frequent questions:


How I can pay a pending invoice?

If you had some pending invoice, you will be able to realise the payment of the same by means of credit card from the connection of “TPV? that you will find in the section “Invoices? of your Area of Client next to the invoice.

In case you wish to in cash realise the payment of the same by means of banking transference or entrance our banking data are:

  • Banco Santander: ES62 0049 6684 11 2216109091

  • To title: Tesys Internet S.L.U.


Once realised the payment, so that the state of the invoice in your card of client is updated as rapidly as possible, it is necessary that you send the voucher to us of the same by email electronic to facturacion@hosting-ehost.com or by fax in number 941 20 26 96, indicating the number of invoice.

In case it arrives to us a receipt given back by your part you will be able to also pay it with card by transference.

It remembers that when is notified us the return of a banking receipt, the invoice corresponding to this receipt is annulled and in its defect a new invoice with form of payment credit card and the same amount of 3 the original invoice is emitted adding € + IVA by expenses of return.

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