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Frequent questions:


Which is the effective norm in the invoicing Telematics?

We presented a complete list to you of references on the present norm with respect to the invoicing Telematics:

  • Law 58/2003, of 17 of December, TRIBUTARY GENERAL whom law 230/1963 revokes.

  • Real Decreto 2402/1985. of 18 of December, by that he regulates himself to have to send and to give invoice that is incumbent on the businessmen and professionals.

  • Order HAC/3134/2002, of 5 of December, on a new development of the invoicing regime Telematics.

  • Resolution 2/2003, of 14 of February, the General director of the State Agency of Tributary Administration on certain aspects related to the invoicing Telematics.

  • Real Decreto 2402/2003, of 18 of December, that he regulates to have to send and to give invoice that is incumbent on businessmen and professionals.

  • Real Decreto 1496/2003, of 28 of November, by that the Regulation is approved by which the invoicing obligations are regulated.

  • Law 59/2003, of 19 of December, ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE.

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