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Frequent questions:
My Webpage

My Webpage

What functionalities I can show in My Webpage?

Here we offer a listing to you of all the options that includes My Webpage so that you obtain site that you have always wanted:

  • Contact:

    • Form of contact: so that the people can send consultations to you and contact with you.

    • Map: so that you show the location of your business.

    • Form for meeting: so that your clients solicit to have a meeting with you.

    • Form of re-call: in order to ask for telephone contact with you.

    • Also you can show the schedule of your business.

    • Specific form for reserves of tables for restaurants, bars. Or it uses the functionality of connection with BookAtOnce.

    • It also includes a book of visits so that the users who accede to your Web and leave their commentaries.

  • Images. With My Webpage, you have several options different to show your images: you can show a gallery of photos, or as an album, photos also animated, a plank of photos (your photos ordinates as if outside a plank) and even photos as a presentation.

  • Social networks. You can show the button “likes Me? for Facebook, list tweets in your Web and update contents by RSS. In addition, you will be able to insert the contracted code that is needed to show your video of YouTube.

  • Other functionalities. It includes your last news, an accountant of visits, a marquee with information and separators of zones in the pages that compose your Web. In addition, you will be able to insert your own contracted code and podcasts.

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