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Frequent questions:


How I come to the installation of a SSL in my service of Thinks Solutions?

Once validated your data and granted your SSL, you will have to realise the following steps to install your Certificate of Security:

  • In one of our services of Hosting. It accedes to the Control Panel of your Certificate of Security, beats in the icon “To install/Desinstalar? and clica the button “To install?. The installation of your SSL will be immediate as long as you have a fixed IP to your Certificate.

  • In a Store Online. You will have to accede to your Area of Client and to ask for the installation to us of your Certificate being indicated that you wish to install it for your Store Online. You will not have to worry don't mention it to you more since our department of Technical Support will realise the installation of your SSL.

  • In a Servant VPS. If you have engaged a Servant VPS, as much about Solutions as in another supplier Thinks, to install your Certificate of Security you will have to accede to the Control Panel of your SSL and to beat in the icon “To unload?. From you will be able here to unload all the files that you need to realise the installation of your SSL in your servant.

It remembers that if you want to force the use of the SSL so that when somebody beats in http://www.dominio.com, it is redirected automatically to https://www.dominio.com you will have to modify htaccess. In addition, in some popular CMS as WordPress, they exist plugins to make this type of tasks of simple form.

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