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Hosting to
amazing price

The lodging Web that you need to size create your webpage or with CMS as WordPress, Joomla! or Drupal.

And, now, with technology SSD.

Hosting BASIC

1,75 € to the month

  • 25 GB of space Web
  • Limitless transference
  • 10 accounts of mail of 2 GB
  • PHP and 1 MySQL

Premium Hosting

4,45 €/mes 1 € to the month

  • 100 GB of space Web
  • Limitless transference
  • 50 accounts of mail of 2 GB
  • PHP and 5 MySQL
  • Domain including the first year

Your lodging Web yet what you need

BASIC 1,75€/mes
4,45 €/mes
8,95 €/mes
Space Web 25 GB 100 GB Limitless
Transference Limitless Limitless Limitless
Accounts of mail 10 accounts of 2 GB each 50 accounts of 2 GB each Limitless accounts of 2 GB
PHP 7 7 7
Data bases MySQL 1x1GB MySQL 5x1GB Limitless MySQL of 1 GB
Technology SSD Yes Yes Yes
Certificate SSL Optional Optional BASIC SSL including
(Other options)


Subdominios No 5 50
Accounts FTP 1 10 50
Web FTP Yes Yes Yes
Virtual directories No Yes Yes
Directories with password Only htaccess

Only for directives of management of users and access to directories.

Yes Yes
Personalizables errors Yes Yes Yes
Sitemap No Yes Yes


Accounts of mail 10 of 2 GB each 50 of 2 GB each Limitless of 2 GB each
Expandable mailbox (Optional) Yes Yes Yes
Account of mail catch all Yes Yes Yes
Transference of mail Limitless Limitless Limitless
Redirections of mail 20 100 200
Alias of mail Limitless Limitless Limitless
Webmail Yes Yes Yes
Autorrespuestas Yes Yes Yes
Anti-virus/basic Antispam Yes Yes Yes
Lists of mail No 1 5

Programming and data bases

PHP Yes Yes Yes
Data bases 1 MySQL of 1 GB 5 MySQL of 1 GB Limitless MySQL of 1 GB
CGI-BIN Yes Yes Yes
Perl Yes Yes Yes
Python Yes Yes Yes
SSI (Server Side Include) Yes Yes Yes
HTML, CSS and Javascript Yes Yes Yes
phpMyAdmin Yes Yes Yes

Prices with annual hiring. Promotion in applicable Premium Hosting the first year.

My hosting yet including

  • All the power in your hand

    All our plans of Hosting include the resources that you need so that your project is everything a success.

  • Immediate scalability

    You need more resources? Our plans grow with you and you can extend them whenever you need it fast and simple form.

  • Technology SSD

    Your project is safe in servants of the best brands, in modern the Data Center with a resulted network of high performance.

  • Management and control in your hand

    To handle your Hosting could not be easier with our Control Panel: fast and easy.

  • Gratuitous technical support

    Before any doubt that can arise to you, you have a team of experts to help you.

in Spain

Datacenter of Internet (IDC) of last generation, with a robust technical infrastructure and of network, whose physical and computer science security system guarantees the best specificationses for the servants.

Servants of Internet of the more prestigious brands of hardware: IBM and HP.

Monitored machines the 24 hours of the day, every day of the year.

Operating system Linux, in its Red Hat Enterprise distribution, which provides major stability.

In addition, with your Hosting


With until 100€ so that you create your first advertising campaign in one of the used finders more.


You have proven our Hosting and it isn't what you hoped? You do not worry: we give back your money to you.


1What versions of PHP and MySQL you have in your servants?

2I can use Flash in my webpages?

3You offer connection via SSH or by telnet?

4How I can change to a Hosting superior?

5How I can lodge several domains in a same space of lodging?

6I can change to the direction URL where redirige my domain?

7What I do if I have problems with the erasure of folders?

8How I raise the Web by FTP?

9How to raise the Web with Dreamweaver?

10-Which are the types of registries DNS?

11-What entrances DNS I must form for being able to direct the mail to an external servant?

12-How to erase registries DNS?

13-I can create subdomains with my Hosting?

14-What recommendations you give me for the programming with cgi?

15-How I can personalize my pages of error?

16-How I can restrict the access to directories by means of .htaccess?

17-Have problems in capital letters and small letters. To what it must?

18-How I can accede to the Control Panel of my Hosting?

19-What happens if I surpass the transference of my Web?

20-How I discharge from the hospital a data base?

21-Need that from my Web can be realised safe transactions. What I need?

22-How I discharge from the hospital mail accounts?

23-How I can create redirigidas email addresses and alias?

24-I can extend the size of the email addresses?

25-How many usuary it includes a mail list?

26-I can extend the size of the email addresses?

27-How I can change the password of my mailbox?

28-What happens if forgetfulness the password of my account of mail?

29-How I can form an account of mail in Outlook Express?

30-La configuration of the mail is correct, but it gives problems me. What tests I can realise to solve it?

31-Los mailboxes of my Outlook Express give problems. What I can do?

32-What solution has a full mailbox (Overcuota)?

33-What I do with the messages that say that a virus has intercepted itself?

34-How I can read the e-mail from the Web (Webmail)?

35-How I form filter antiSpam?

36-How I form advanced filtrate antiSpam?

37-How I form the car message answer of vacation?

38-What advice you give me to work with associates of much so large?

39-How active the account catch-all?

40-What I must make to authenticate my mail (authentication smtp)?

41-Difference between IMAP4 and MGP

42-How it is SSL BASIC including?