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What I can do if the tool does not recognize some action?

In case it does not recognize a task (it puts description, it puts label, etc.) you would have to accede to the source code of your Web and to verify his content. It is very easy to commit some typesetter error that it prevents that the task is validated.

If, on the other hand, the tool does not recognize your account in the directories online, first who you must consider is that the directories online usually have a verification process that can last weeks. Therefore, until they do not accept your request and they do it public, the system will not recognize it. Despite you can review the name of the company and the direction that you have introduced. They would have to be the same so that it is possible to be tied.

Finally, if the tool does not recognize your Facebook account, Twitter or Linkedin, Quick analysis accedes to “Reports/? that is the part inferior in “Social Networks? and clica in “Connecting Facebook?, for example, to tie rankingCoach with the account of Facebook that you introduce.

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