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Frequent questions:


Which are do the forms of payment available for the hiring of the services with Think Solutions?

For the first payment of the hiring of your services from the Web of Solutions Thinks, you can choose as form of payment:

  • Credit card. We recommended it to you by the comfort that supposes that we are in charge to renew your services of automatic form. This way, you will not have to worry to you don't mention it and you will not run the risk of losing the visibility of your Web at any moment. In addition, the discharge of your services is immediate. The hiring system admits the payment with cards of type Visa and Mastercad, independent of the bank to whom the card belongs.

  • Transference. This form of payment has a surcharge of 2 € + IVA by expenses of management because this type of payment entails a series of verification managements manuals. Your domain will only be registered at the moment at which we verify that the voucher of the transference is correct that you will have to send to us scanned by email electronic to facturacion@hosting-ehost.com or by fax in number 941 20 26 96. The verification of the voucher can be delayed some days, reason why we recommended to you that you choose “credit card? as form of payment to avoid that your domain can on the other be registered person in the meantime. In the message that you will receive by email when you contract the services, we will indicate the detail to you of the same and the data of our bank account so that you can realise the payment.

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