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Frequent questions:


I am contracting its services and the form says to me that the NIF already exists in its data base. What I do?

Most probable it is than you tried to contract our services previously and you already have including your data. For this reason, when now you try to contract, the form recognizes them and it shows this warning to you.

  • If you remember the data of email and password of client, you must realise the hiring process indicating these data.

  • If you do not remember your password, but you remember the email with which you registered yourself as client, uses the connection “You forgot your password?.

  • If you remember neither the email nor the password, you can use the form “You forgot your password? indicating your NIF and we will send an email to you to the email address who appears in our data base.

  • If even so you do not receive the reminding message in one of your directions of email, we advised to you that you review the folders of mail nonwished or Spam. If it does not appear either there, your NIF sends a mail message to us to info@hosting-ehost.com indicating to us and we will explain to you how to restore your data of access.

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