Contract of the service rankingCoach

Ref: CSRC_230518

On the one hand Tesys Internet S.L.U. (in future identified with its brand Solutions Thinks) with NIF: B-26309096 and head office in the c Surround n

°16, Industrial estate the Portalada, of Logroño (La Rioja), Spain, Limited liability company Unipersonal constituted in Logroño before notary D. Eloy Menéndez-Santirso Suárez, registered in the Mercantile Registry of La Rioja, volume 477, book 0, folio 76, section 8, Leaf LO-7211.

On the other hand the contractor (in future client), legal natural person or whom the hiring form compliments and declares to know and to accept freely, after inquiring into the service and its operation, the present contract.

Both parts, Think Solutions and client, the terms and conditions established in the following are interested in formalizing the present contract accepting



Contract: it contains the clauses picked up in this document, as well as all additional information that on the contracted service one takes shelter of way updated in the Web

Name of Dominio (ND): set of characters that identifies a site of the Internet network with a direction (IP).

Control Panel: computer science tool that is sold with the product rankingCoach and that allows the client to manage the product.

Area of Cliente (AC): One is a computer science tool that is sold to each client, who allows him to control and to manage the contracted services, the invoicing of the same, as well as to carry out discharges and losses, to accede to the Control Panel and to realise consultations, suggestions and claims of authenticated form and so that each action generates a number of ticket that makes possible to the client its identification and to know its state.

Login and password: one is a system of authentication for the access to the Area of Client who guarantees that the access to this tool is safe, trustworthy, truthful and she always comes from the clients.


The present contract intends regular the conditions in which the client accedes and uses the service rankingCoach, as well as for determining the conditions and form of remuneration of the client to Thinks Solutions.


3.1 rankingCoach is a service of marketing online that analyzes the search engine optimization of the webpage of the client, offering information and advice for the improvement of the same.

The names of the webpages of those competitors with whom the client wishes to settle down a comparative one with respect to the positioning of his webpage.

3.3 the purpose of rankingCoach consists of analyzing the present situation of the webpage, once the client has introduced the corresponding information, providing a series of recommendations focused to the optimization of the positioning of the same. The client will be able to review the shown suggestions and to put them in practice if she considers it opportune.

3.4 rankingCoach has a “own Control Panel? that allows the client to manage the service. The access to the same will be able to be realised through Area of Client or from the PdC de Piensa Solutions.

From the Control Panel of rankingCoach, the client will be able to select the domain on which she wishes to consult the positioning and to accede to information and recommendations to improve the position of the Web in the most important finders, having means necessary to realise a pursuit of the evolution of this positioning as a result of the changes that the client realises in his website.

3.5 Through Control Panel of rankingCoach, the client will be able at any time to modify the domain name with which she wishes to use the service.

The client takes responsibility of which the domain name that it selects to use rankingCoach is registered and is of its property or counts to this end on sufficient authorization of its holder. The client exempts to Thinks Solutions of any responsibility on the matter.

3.6 the client knows and accepts that rankingCoach is a service whose purpose is to analyze the situation of its webpage and to obtain data on the actions to realise to improve it, without it is object of this service positioning his webpage in a certain place in the finders of Internet.

Also, the client recognizes to be informed correctly on the object and characteristics of the service, resigning to demand any type of responsibility to Think Solutions not to be able to position itself in a certain place in the finders.

3.7 the characteristics of the service rankingCoach, as well as their tariffs, are published of form updated in

3.8 Piensa Solutions reserves the right to modify the characteristics and conditions of the service rankingCoach regulated by this contract. For it will not have to fulfill more formality than the one to publish in his page this modification, informing to the client with a warning online and/or to send it by email electronic.

The client, once is communicated him the corresponding modification, has the term of 7 days to solve the contract if she were not in agreement with the new circumstances, obtaining the return of the payment of the not consumed proportional part. However, passed this term without communication in opposite, he will be understood that he accepts the new conditions and, therefore, the loss before the victory will not give rise to return some, except in cases where the effective legislation anticipates the opposite.

4º PRICE AND Form of payment

4.1 the regularity of payment of the service rankingCoach will be monthly or annual, according to what it has been the election of the client during the hiring.

4.2 the price of the service rankingCoach is gathered in the Annex of the present Contract and sample of form updated in

4,3 Form of payment: The payment of the service rankingCoach will be always in advance at the time of its hiring and will be realised by means of banking transference or credit card.

The renovation of the service will be paid in advance, by means of debit in the checking account facilitated by the client (recommended practice) or through credit card.

The data necessary to realise the banking transference are facilitated in the hiring form when this option of payment is chosen, in any case this information will be sent to him by email electronic.

The payment by banking transference takes to an additional position of 2 Euros more IVA for expenses of management. In addition the client will have to send by fax, to number 941 20 26 96, the payment voucher.

As much for new hirings as for the renovation of the existing services, the client authorizes specifically to Thinks Solutions to realise the positions of the corresponding amounts, in those cases in which the selected form of payment is debit or credit card, according to the data indicated in the hiring form.

Web Solutions will not initiate the managements regarding the corresponding request while it does not receive the amount of these services through indicated means of payment in each case.

The client, from S.A., will be able at any time to ask for the modification of the form of payment and/or its associate data.

4.5 By each banking return that takes place by causes imputable to the client, Solutions Thinks will acquire an additional tariff of 3 Euros.

4.6 the amounts mentioned throughout this contract, about their Annex and the webpage of Think Solutions do not include the Tax on Valor Añadido (IVA). However, the client will have to pay the IVA that corresponds to the contracted product.

4.7 Piensa Solutions reserves the right to suspend the benefit of the service contracted before any incidence undergone in the collection until the resolution of the same. If the client did not come to his payment after the previous warning and of the temporary suspension she inflict losses definitive the service by breach of the contract on the other hand.

The decontamination by non-payment will suppose the elimination of all the data associated to the service rankingCoach. If the client returns to contract this service, she will have to register all the data again.

4.8 Piensa Solutions reserves the right to modify the price of the service rankingCoach regulated by this contract. In this case, such modification will be notified to the client before it is affected by the variation in the following invoice that is emitted to him, so that if it did not agree in accepting this change exercises the right to solve the present contract causing the loss of the service at the moment that finalizes the period that it had paid.

4.9 the client will be able to realise, through S.A., any consultation or request related to the invoicing and payment of the contracted service, as well as to accede to repositorio of issued invoices, that allows its impression him and unloads.

4.10 In case the client had the consideration of consumer and user according to the effective Spanish norm, he will be able to exert his right of dropping of the claim during the 14 first natural days from the hiring of the service.

For it, the consumer and user will have to send, within 14 days natural counted from the moment of the hiring, a request from the AC where it appears the following information:

- Its clear and unequivocal will to exert its right of dropping of the claim.

- The exact name of the service of which wishes to stop.

- The date in which it contracted this service.

Additionally, the consumer and user will be able to exert his right of dropping of the claim through model of form that incorporates Real Decreto Legislativo 1/2007, of 16 of November, by that the recasted text of the General Law for the Defense of the Consumers and Users is approved and other complementary laws. For it, he will have to make it arrive at Thinks Solutions signed properly, accompanied of photocopies of his NIF as means that assure unequivocally that the request comes from the own client.

Web Solutions will assign and send to the client a number of ticket by each request of dropping of the claim that receives. In case the request had been received in the legally established term and would be complimented of complete and correct form, Solutions Thinks will transact terminating it the corresponding service. Also, Solutions Thinks will come to reimburse the client, in the maximum term of 14 days natural since it had received the dropping of the claim request, the price that this one paid when contracting the service. The client will have to consider the exceptions that the effective Spanish legislation in the matter of consumers and users she establishes for the dropping of the claim right.

4.11 the client will have a term of thirty (30) days natural as of the date of high initial of the service rankingCoach to solve the present contract without incurring penalty nor cost some, will not be applied this term of guarantee to the renovations of the contract.

After the exercise of this right, rankingCoach Thinks Solutions will refund to the client the quantity paid by the benefit of the service.

This restoration will not take place in those cases in which it is impossible to realise it due to the nature of the service. The client will not either come to integral saying in the assumptions in which had enjoyed the service, nor in the assumptions of breach of the terms of the contract on the part of the client

Outside the term of guarantee to which this section talks about, the client does not have right to return some by the voluntary and advance cease of the contracted service, excepting those cases in which the effective legislation therefore she anticipates it.

This term of guarantee is not cumulative in any case to the right of dropping of the claim mentioned in the clause 4,10 and that the effective Spanish legislation recognizes the clients who, according to the same, had the consideration of consumers and users. In this sense, the dropping of the claim right is understood including in the first 14 days of the term of guarantee.

4.12 Piensa Solutions sends to its invoices of way Telematics with total legal validity since it uses for it the certificate class 2 To, accepted by the AEAT, of the National Factory of Currency and Timbre, fulfilling the effective norm in this matter and, therefore, guaranteeing the authenticity of the origin and the integrity of the content.


5.1 the present contract enters in force at the time of its formalization, that is to say, when the client finalizes the hiring of the service rankingCoach and has the possibility of acceding to the same, beginning Solutions Thinks to serve as of this moment.

5.2 the contract will last monthly or annual, following the term of invoicing chosen by the client in the hiring form, from the formalization of the contract and it will be prorogued of automatic form by identical periods of time.

In each tacit renovation copy of the present contract will not be sent, being understood always effective the published one then in the webpage that picks up the present version

5.3 the contract will not occur by finalized while the client does not come to terminate the service from the section “services? of the AC. The loss will take place in the maximum term of 48 hours from the date in which the client conducts this battle, which will have to be considered to avoid the loss of the corresponding information.

The low volunteer of a service, produced prior to the paid victory, does not suppose the return of the not consumed proportional part, except in those cases in which the effective legislation she anticipates the opposite.                


6.1 About its relations with the client, Solutions Thinks will have to act with the diligence due in the use of its commercial activity, loyally and of good faith.

6.2 Piensa Solutions cannot guarantee that the availability of the service is continuous and uninterrupted during the period of use of the contract, due to the possibility of problems in the Internet network, failures in the equipment servants who are shared and other possible unforseeable contingencies.

6.3 Piensa Solutions reserves the right to interrupt the service based on technical repairs and of maintenance of the equipment, as well as for the improvement of the own services.

6.4 Therefore, the client accepts to support within the reasonable limits risks and imperfections or nonavailability of the servants and specifically resigns to demand any responsibility, contractual or extra-contractual, damages to Thinks Solutions by possible failures, slowness or errors in the access and use of the contracted service, notwithstanding the arranged thing in the effective legislation.

6.5 Piensa Solutions is not responsible what he is to him exclusively imputable to the client. The access and use of the service rankingCoach is exclusive of the client, in such a way that Solutions Thinks does not become person in charge of no way (neither direct nor subsidiary) of any direct or indirect damage, that the client could cause to third parties.

6.6 Despite all the previous one, if superior to 24 hours Thinks Solutions failed to fulfill the commitments assumed in this contract to serve inefficient during an uninterrupted period, the responsibility of Thinks Solutions will be limited the return of the money acquired by the service affected during this calculated outage proportionally.

6.7 About no case Solutions Thinks accepts responsibilities derived from losses of data, interruption of business or any other damages produced by the operation of the service not to fulfill these with the expectations of the client.

6.8 the benefit of the service rankingCoach is based on providing a series of recommendations on the positioning of the webpage indicated by the client. Factors exist as the delay or the incorrectness in the execution of these recommendations on the part of the client, or causes other people's to Think Solutions, can cause that the results waited for by the client do not take place, exempting this one to Thinks Solutions of any responsibility on the matter.

The client is conscious and accepts that as much the results shown on the positioning of their Web as the frequency with which the same are updated, can vary based on the different policies that the finders of Internet establish at every moment.

Also, the client accepts that the results of the service will not be visible while the client does not carry out the modifications recommended by the service rankingCoach, without no result is guaranteed in particular.

Web Solutions is exonerated of any responsibility in relation to delays in the obtaining of results in the positioning or the discharge of the domain of the client in some finders, since the same can have, among others reasons, to the procedures followed by the finders, to modifications in the indexing policies or even to the suspension of served by these finders.

6.9 Piensa Solutions will not take responsibility in any case of the consequences of any type that can be derived from the modifications that the service rankingCoach suggests for the optimization of the positioning of the Web in finders.

The client is conscious and accepts that some of the modifications suggested by the service rankingCoach can interact with other applications or programs that it had installed, assuming Does not think Solutions on the matter any responsibility. Also, the client understands that all the propose modifications by the service cannot be carried out.

6.11 Piensa Solutions does not take responsibility:

- Of the use of the service that the client realises.

- Of the errors produced by the access suppliers.

- Of the contamination by virus in its equipment, whose protection is incumbent on the client.

- Of the intrusions of third parties in the service, although reasonable measures of protection have settled down.

- Of the defective configuration on the part of the client.

- Of the deteriorations of the equipment (terminal of the client) or badly use (responsibility of the client).

6.12 Piensa Solutions offers, exclusively, in Castilian language, the contracts of its products, the additional documentation on the domain names, the procedure of hiring and all the information published in its webpage.

6.13 When finalizing the hiring procedure, Thinks Solutions stores in electronic format, a copy of the e-mail that receives the client, with the customized contract of the service.


7.1 the client must fulfill all the terms and conditions of this contract in the exercise of his professional activity, in addition she will have to act loyally and of good faith.

7.2 the client must satisfy the agreed remuneration, as she takes shelter in clause 4 of this contract.

7.3 the client will not use the service contracted of an opposite way the good faith, the public order and the effective legislation.

7.4 the client will be the person in charge of the consequences that, in the matter of intellectual and industrial property, could derive as much from the used words as chains search to optimize the positioning, as of the use of domain names property of third parties in order to compare his positioning.

Web Solutions will not assume no type of responsibility neither in front of the client nor against third parties by these reasons.

7.5 By means of the hiring of this service, the client commits a:

- To maintain operative, activates and updated the direction e-mail provided in the form of hiring for the communications with Solutions Thinks, since it constitutes preferred mass media for the agile and fluid management in the benefit of the contracted service. If the client wants to change to the direction e-mail facilitated in the hiring form as contact direction will have to do it through AC, with the own measures of authentication of this request, so that at no moment the communication between both contracting parts is interrupted.

- Web Solutions is exonerated of all responsibility by the consequences that the lack of operativity of the direction e-mail of the client or the lack of communication that the updated change of direction cannot produce, as well as by the disinformation that the client due to his own negligence at the time of maintaining assets alleges this data.

7.6 the client is the only person in charge of the use and conservation of login and password of the AC since they are the necessary identifiers for the access to this tool and that they allow to contrast to Thinks Solutions the authentication of the access of the client and to facilitate the permission to the activities that are asked for. The use of these identifiers and the communication, even to third people, takes place under the only responsibility of the client.

7.7 the AC allows the client to realise, of form authenticated, managements on the contracted services, as to consult its data as client of Thinks Solutions, to accede to the issued invoices, to realise consultations, suggestions and claims, etc. The client will be able to identify and to know the state each battle conducted through S.A. by means of the ticket that Thinks Solutions assigns to each of these actions.

7.8 the client has the total responsibility of the content of his Web, of the transmitted and stored information, its operations, the connections of hypertext, the vindications of third parties and the legal actions that can trigger. Really, the client is responsible with respect to the laws and regulations in force and the rules that they have to do with the operation of the service, electronic commerce, rights of author, public maintenance of order, as well as universal principles of Internet use.

7.9 the use of the service rankingCoach of opposite form to the good faith and, in particular, of nonexhaustive form is prohibited:

- The use that is opposite to the Spanish laws or that infringes the rights of third parties.

- The publication or the transmission of any content that is violent, obscene, abusive, illegal, slanderous xenophobe or.

- Cracks, serial numbers of programs or any other content that harm rights of the intellectual property of third parties.

- The collection and/or use of personal data of other users without its express consent or contravening the arranged thing in Regulation (the EU) 2016/679, of the European Parliament and the Council, 27 of April of 2016 (RGPD).

7.10 the client will compensate to Thinks Solutions by the expenses that this one had to even impute to him in some cause whose responsibility was attributable to the client, including honoraria and expenses of the lawyers of Think Solutions, in the case of nondefinitive judicial decision.

7.11 the client, by virtue of the present contract, does not acquire absolutely any right or licenses with regard to the service rankingCoach, of the necessary programs of computer for the benefit of the service nor either on the technical information of pursuit of the service, exception done of the rights and necessary licenses for the fulfillment of the present contract and only for the duration of the same. For all action that exceeds the fulfillment of this contract he will need authorization in writing on the part of Thinks Solutions.

7.12 the client, with the acceptance of the present contract, specifically allows the shipment of the invoices regarding the benefit of the service rankingCoach contracted through telematics means, as she indicates the effective norm in this matter.

7.13 the communications between the client and the personnel of Think Solutions will have to observe the suitable correction in the forms.


No of the parts will be responsible by the breach for the obligations derived from the contract when this breach is due to causes of Greater Force. If the suspension in the benefit of the service by this circumstance is superior to 2 months this contract will be able to be cancelled at the request of anyone of the parts.


9.1 the contract will finalize when, in addition to the causes legally established and the arranged ones in the different clauses from this contract, some of the following concurs:

- Mutual Agreement of the parts.

- Conclusion of the initial period of duration or the successive prorogations.

- Resolution by breach of some of the parts of the obligations derived from the Contract.

9.2 If the breach of the client were the cause of resolution of the contract, Solutions Thinks reserves the right to finish of anticipated form the present contract and, therefore, to strip to the client of the service without previous warning, without right to indemnification nor to return of amount some.

9.3 In case of rescission of the contract, by the causes previously mentioned or any admitted others in right, the client will have to fulfill the obligations assumed prior to the resolution of the contract against Thinks Solutions and against third parties.


10.1. All information or documentation that anyone of the parts contributes to the other developing and execution of the present contract will be considered confidential and exclusive of that contributes it and it will not be able to communicate to third parties without his consent.

10.2 the parts exclude from the category of confidential information all that one information that is disclosed by the part that owns it, that one that becomes public, that one that there is to be revealed in agreement with the laws or with a judicial resolution or imperative act of competent authority and that one that are obtained by a third party that is not under the confidentiality obligation some.

10.3 This obligation of confidentiality persists up to two (2) years after finalizing this contract. No of the parts will acquire no right on any information confidentiality or other rights of property of the other part as a result of this contract.


11,1 Object and scope of application.

Tesys Internet S.L.U. (in future, Solutions Thinks), in accordance with Regulation (the EU) 2016/679, of the European Parliament and the Council, of 27 of April of 2016 (RGPD), it shows the present Policy in relation to the treatment of the personal data.

To any others that grant their express consent, directly or indirectly, so that their data are treated by Thinks Solutions in relation to anyone of the indicated purposes about this Policy.

The user and/or client assume the responsibility of the veracity of the data by him facilitated, committing itself to that the same are certain and they are updated, not being able to use the identity of another person nor to communicate his personal character data unless he credits to have an authorization with legal validity. To such effects, the user and/or client will be the only person in charge against any damage, direct and/or indirect that he causes to third parties or to Solutions by the use of personal character data of another holder without its previous authorization Thinks, or their own personal character data when these are false, erroneous, are not updated or are inadequate. The user and/or client who communicates the personal character data of a third party will be responsible for to have successfully obtained the interested consent for the own one, as well as for the consequences on the contrary.

The user and/or client who communicates personal data to Think Solutions declares to be adult according to the arranged thing in the Spanish legislation, not having to provide data on the contrary to Thinks Solutions. Any data facilitated by a junior will require of the consent or previous authorization of its parents, legal tutors or representatives, who will be responsible for the personal data facilitated by the minors to their position.

The present Policy will be of subsidiary application in relation to other conditions on the collection or personal data processing that could settle down with special character and be communicated through forms of registry or contracts of the particular services, being this complementary Policy of the mentioned ones in what it was not predicted specifically in the same.

The use of the services of Thinks Solutions requires the express acceptance of the present Policy of protection of data.

11,2 Finn of the collection and treatment of the data by Thinks Solutions.

For all the purposes that appeared collections of express form in contracts corresponding to each one of the services contracted by the client and accepted by this one.

11,3 Adressees of the data.

Any other that is necessary to make possible the benefit of each service in particular, providing the necessary information in contracts of the services of Thinks Solutions, that they are accepted of express form by the clients.

11.4. - Term of conservation of the data.

The conservation of the personal data on the part of Thinks Solutions will be realised during the term of time that outside strictly necessary to fulfill the purposes picked up in the present Policy, being maintained Solutions properly Thinks blocked these data in addition during the period in which responsibilities could be derived from their relation with the clients.

With respect to the data object of conservation according to Law 25/2007, of 18 of October, conservation of data regarding the electronic communications and to the public networks of communications, the period of conservation of the same will be the detailed one in this norm.

11.5. - Right of the users.

Right to the portability: The users must right to receive the personal data that are incumbent to them in a structured format and of common use, being been requisite necessary that these data are incumbent exclusively on the user and had been facilitated by this one to Thinks Solutions.

About the case as much of users nonclients as of clients of Think Solutions: They have to his disposition the email address, to that will be able to send an e-mail to exert their rights. If they also wish it they can do it through shipment of a request accompanied by his national identity document or valid document that it credits his identity, sent to the Commercial Department of Tesys Internet S.L.U., cs Surrounds 16, Industrial estate Portalada, 26006 Logroño (La Rioja) Spain, l, specifying the right that wish to exert.

Web Solutions reserves the right to acquire a canon by the administrative costs that are derived in the cases of unfounded or manifestly excessive requests by their repetitive character, as well as the right to refuse to act with respect to the same, according to the Art. 12,5 RGPD.

11.6. - International transferences.

About the case of services of Solutions Thinks that they require of the accomplishment of international transferences to make possible the benefit of the same, this circumstance will be indicated in the present contract, accepted of express form by this one of previous form to the same.

11,7 Authority of control.

In the case of considering that the treatment of its personal data has not been realised according to the effective legislation, the users will be able to communicate it to the control authority that in each case corresponds. In Spain, the control authority is the Spanish Agency of Protection of Data, whose data of contact are published in

11.8 Piensa Solutions as in charge of the treatment.

  1. In relation to the form and modalities of access to the data in the benefit of the services, according to the RGPD will be of application the following rules:

  2. In case Solutions Thinks must have access to the located resources of treatment in the facilities of the client, this one will be responsible to establish and to implement the policy and safety measures, as well as to communicate the same to Solutions Thinks, that is committed to respect them and to demand its fulfillment to the people who participate in the benefit of the services.
  3. When Solutions Thinks accedes via remote to the resources of data processing responsibility of the client, this one will have to establish and to implement the policy and safety measures in its remote systems of treatment, being Thinks responsible Solutions to establish and to implement the policy and safety measures in its own local systems.  

Web Solutions does not take responsibility of the breach of the obligations derived from the RGPD or of the corresponding norm in the matter of protection of data on the part of the user and/or client in which to his activity it corresponds and that is related to the execution of the contract or trade relations that unite to him to Think Solutions. Each one of the parts will have to do against the responsibilities derived from their own breach of the contractual obligations and the effective norm.

11,9 Data of the person in charge of the treatment.

Social denomination: TESYS INTERNET, S.L.U.

NIF: B-26309096

Head office: C Circunde 16, Industrial estate the Portalada, 26006 Logroño (La Rioja)

E-mail of contact:

11,10 Data of contact of the Delegate of Protection of Data:

11,11 particular Conditions of the service rankingCoach in relation to the data processing of personal character:

Web Solutions informs to its clients who, for the benefit of the service rankingCoach object of the present contract, Thinks Solutions uses the tool property of the German company “rankingCoach GmbH?. As a result of it, the client knows and accepts that the information that the client provides in the product will be lodged and dealt by this organization with the only aim to make possible the benefit of the service object of this contract.


The client recognizes the ownership of “rankingCoach GMBH? on all the rights of intellectual property that this organization shows on the tool rankingCoach.

“rankingCoach? is a commercial brand whose ownership corresponds to “rankingCoach GMBH?, used under its authorization. The use of the same without the corresponding authorization of its holder is not allowed.


13.1 In no assumption Think Solutions, nor the managers and stops dependent positions, administrators, shareholders, agents or workers of her will contract responsibility some by cause, direct or indirect, related to the use that the client does of the service of Thinks Solutions.

13.2 the parts recognize that the putting in force of this contract, does not suppose no type of representation, delegation, guarantee or other agreements different from specifically described in this contract; and in agreement with it, all the terms, conditions, guarantees or other aspects implied by agreements or general regulation, are explicitly excluded until the limits allowed by the Law.


14.1 In not anticipated in this contract, as well as in the interpretation and resolution of the conflicts that could arise between the parts as a result of the same, will be of application the Spanish legislation.

14.2 If it got to arise some conflict or it differentiates between the parts in the interpretation and execution from this contract, and would not be solved in mutual agreement, the same will be solved at the request of anyone of the parts and after the communication in writing to the other, by means of arbitration in the Court of Arbitration of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of La Rioja, the arbitration will be celebrated in Logroño and will be lead in agreement with the norms of the Spanish law of Arbitration 60/2003, 23 of December, and the Regulation of the Court of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of La Rioja.

In case the conflict is raised by a consumer or user, it will be transacted under the procedure anticipated in RD 231/2008, of 15 of February, through what the By arbitration System of Consumption is regulated.

14.3 For the case that the arbitration did not get to be realised by mutual agreement or would be declared null, both parts are put under the Courts and Courts of the City of Logroño with resignation to their own charter, if this one were another one. In the case of consumers or users, one will be to the arranged thing in the effective procedural norm.

14.4 Of previous form to means of conflict resolution mentioned in the previous sections, in the case of consumers and users, the client will be able to direct his complaints and claims to Think Solutions, preferably through S.A. Web Solutions will assign to each complaint or received claim a number of ticket that it will send to the client, so that this one can identify it and know its state, committing itself Thinks Solutions to give answer to the same in the maximum term of a month since the client had sent it.

14.5 If the fulfillment of this contract is reasonably possible, will continue during the course of any discord and/or by arbitration or judicial procedure.

14.6 If any stipulation of this contract were declared null or without effect, wholly or partly, by any court or competent authority, the remaining stipulations will conserve their validity, unless the parts discretionarily decide the completion of the contract.



- Control Panel of rankingCoach.

- Analysis of the visibility of the Web in finders. Sample tasks and information for the improvement of the visibility in the finders with the selected key words.

- Analysis of the content of the Web: It proposes recommendations for the improvement of the positioning based on the chosen key words, as well as suggestions to adapt the content of the Web.

- Presence in local directories (SEO Local): Sample recommendations in relation to the presence of the Web in local directories related to the thematic one of the same.

- Analysis of sites that connect to the website: The origin of the connections is analyzed that send to the websites of the selected competitors, providing advice to obtain connections from other websites.

- Movable devices: Are suggestions to adapt the website to the movable devices.

- Social networks: Is information of the social networks in which the Web has presence, indicating if the information that appears in the same is complete or needs to be completed.