Conditions of use of “Google Ads�

Ref: PADP_010818


1.1 Piensa Solutions offers the possibility of securing a credit of 75 Euros free to use the tool of sponsored connections, “Google Ads�, to those clients whom they have contracted or they contract one of these products:

1.2 Piensa Solutions will give an only promotional coupon by client, regardless of the number of Plans of Hosting or Online Stores that it contracts, or had already contracted in Thinks Solutions.


2.1 They will be able to obtain the promotional coupon, as much the clients whom or they have contracted a Plan of Hosting, a service “My Webpage�, or a Store Online (in its version of payment), as that contract them during the use of this promotion.

2.2 they will not be able to benefit from this promotion, those users who already had an account activated in the program “Google Ads�.


3.1 the promotion has indefinite character.

3.2 Piensa Solutions will be able to give by finalized the promotion at any time, being enough with its publication in its webpage, without needing communicating it to the clients specifically and without it supposes to have of indemnification of no type.

3.3 the client will have a term of 14 days, counted from his creation, to activate his account of “Google Ads�, introducing to it, its data of invoicing and the promotional code.

3.4 Those clients who wish to transact the loss in the program “Google Ads�, they will have to follow the procedure established by Google.


4.1 the clients of Think Solutions will be able to solicit from their Area of client, a promotional code that will allow Google, to authenticate their access and to the client, to benefit from the promotional coupon in the program “Google Ads�.

4.2 the coupons will only be operative for the discharge of new accounts of “Google Ads�.

4.3 to free secure the credit of 75 Euros in “Google Ads�, the client will have to discharge from the hospital his account in “Google Ads� contracting an initial credit of 25 Euros.

When activating the account, the client will have to choose the payment method (pospago or pre-payment) that wishes to have with “Google Ads�:

Consequently, Solutions Thinks recommends its clients, to choose the method of pospago by means of credit card.

4.4 the amounts mentioned in these Conditions of use, take including the corresponding taxes.

4.5 When the run out the promotional credit, Google will begin to invoice the amount corresponding to the consumption realised with the service of “Google Ads�.

4.6 the consumed amount of the program “Google Ads� will be able to be reviewed, at any time from its discharge, by means of the tool that Google puts at the disposal of the user.

4.7 the client will have to follow at any moment, the instructions of Think Solutions and of Google.

4.8 When registering the account in “Google Ads�, the user will have to accept the contract that governs the program “Google Ads�, becoming client of Google.

4.9 Piensa Solutions will solve any consultation regarding the conditions of this promotion, to the activation of the account of “Google Ads� and to the use of the promotional code. Once activated the account and for any question regarding the operation of the program “Google Ads�, the client will have to go directly to Google.


5.1 the client is responsible for the use that realises of the program “Google Ads�, assuming Does not think Solutions responsibility some (direct or indirect) by the damages of any type, who the client could cause to third parties, nor by the correct operation of the program “Google Ads� of Google.

5.2 the client will have to subject to the conditions settled down by Google for the use of the program “Google Ads�, thus:

The client will be able to find more information on the conditions of the use of the coupon of Google in The Policy of privacy of Google is published in

5.3 the client specifically resigns to protest to Thinks Solutions, any responsibility, contractual or extra-contractual, as well as damages, by the operation of the program “Google Ads�, notwithstanding the exercise of the legal actions that according to the effective legislation, could correspond to him.

5.4 the client will be responsible for the use and conservation of the granted promotional code in this promotion, which allows Google, to resist the authentication of the access and to benefit from the credit of 75 Euros in the program “Google Ads�. The use of the promotional code and its communication, even to third people, take place under the only responsibility of the client.

5.5 the client assumes any responsibility that is derived from the realised use of the program “Google Ads�, of the vindications of third parties and the legal actions that can be triggered in all referring to the intellectual property, right of the personality and the protection of minors.

The client will in force take responsibility of the fulfillment of the laws and regulations and the rules that they have to do with the operation of the service online, electronic commerce, rights of author, public maintenance of order and universal principles of use of Internet.

5,6 Google and “Google Ads� are commercial brands property of Google, used with their authorization.


Web Solutions adopts the technical and organizational measures necessary to guarantee the security, integrity and confidentiality of the personal character data of its clients according to the arranged thing in Regulation (the EU) 2016/679, of the European Parliament and the Council, of 27 of April of 2016 (RGPD).

Web Solutions will not be responsible for the breach that of the norm of protection of data anyone of the intervening parts realises in the promotion object of these Conditions.