Ref: CPDPU_030918



Solutionsofrece thinks, free, the registry of a name of .com domain, .es, .net, .org, .mobi, .be, .info, .biz, .tv, .cc, .ws, .com .es, .org .es, or .tel to those clients who both contract one of following Plans of hosting, contracted with monthly or annual regularity, associated to this name of domain:

This promotion will be effective from the 1 of August of 2018 to the 30 of September of 2018, both inclusively.


2.1 It is promotion will be only applicable in the cases in which the client contracts, simultaneously to one of the mentioned Plans of Hosting in the clause first, the registry of a name of domain corresponding to one of the extensions indicated in the previous clause.

They are as much outside the reach of this promotion the transfers as the renovations of domain names. Also, they are outside the reach of this promotion the multilingual names of domain (IDNs).

2.2 This one promotion will only be applicable for the new hirings, with monthly or annual regularity, of the mentioned Plans of Hosting in the clause first, being outside its reach the changes on watch, as well as the product renovations that the client had already contracted in Think Solutions.

2.3 the name of domain registered through this promotion will be offered free during a year from the date of its registry in Thinks Solutions.

The invoice of renovation of the domain name will be issued by Thinks Solutions with an approximated advance of two months with respect to the date of the victory of the domain, according to the tariffs published at this moment in

2.4 This promotion does not include the additional services that the client could contract for the domain name object of the same.

2.5 Piensa Solutions will come to realise the necessary managements for the registry of the domain as long as this one is free for its registry then and fulfills the effective norm on domain names.

2.6 Piensa Solutions reserves the right to at any time modify the conditions and/or duration of this promotion, publishing it in its webpage.

2.7 the name of domain registered through this promotion will be in force, in everything what it does not enter contradiction with the gathered thing in these promotional conditions, by the established thing in the general Contract of names of domain, published in


3.1 the client assumes any responsibility that is derived from the use that realise of the domain name object of this promotion, of the vindications of third parties and from the legal actions that could be triggered in all referring to intellectual or industrial property or the other rights and I interest.

The client is responsible with respect to the fulfillment for the laws and regulations in force, as well as for the rules that they have to do with the operation of the service online, electronic commerce and universal principles of use of Internet.

3.2 Piensa Solutions will not be responsible, direct or subsidiary, of any direct or indirect damage, that the client could cause to third parties in the use of the service by engaged him.

3.3 the participants in this promotion declare to be adults or, by default, to count on the previous authorization of their parents, legal tutors or representatives, who will be considered responsible for the taken hiring to position by the minors to their position.

They will be the juniors that must successfully obtain the consent necessary to come to the hiring.