Conditions applicable to the allocation and management of domain names “.es?.

Ref: CESPS_230518


The applicant of the present name of domain (in future? the Applicant) declares that:

  1. He knows and he assumes the effective norms and procedures, established terms and conditions, rates and form of payment and technical requirements for the registry of names of domain under “.es? , whose content is available in
  2. It knows that the breach these norms, in the cases in that thus it is specifically established, will suppose the loss of the domain name and its possible reassignment from that same moment for his registry in favor of an applicant who is legitimized for it.
  3. The data facilitated in the present request are certain, except for error or omission of good faith.
  4. It is committed to always maintain updated the information facilitated in this request, communicating to any change that takes place. The breach of this obligation can to this end give rise to that the domain name is cancelled, according to the established procedure (for example, by impossibility to communicate with the people that appears as people in charge of the domain name, to not to have communicated the change of their data of contact or changes of people in charge).
  5. It assumes that, in the procedure of the different activities regarding the allocation and management from the domain name, will act considering the data communicated by the Applicant in the form indicated in the previous section.
  6. He is conscious and it assumes that any falsification in the data briefed in the present request could be cause of cancellation of the domain name, in agreement with the established procedure to this end, and that, in this case, this one will be available for his possible registry on the part of another legitimized applicant.
  7. He is conscious and it assumes that, once the Registry communicates to him that the domain name can be assigned or be renewed to satisfy the requirements established to the effect, the Applicant is forced to realise in the established terms, the payment of the corresponding rate by allocation or, where appropriate, renovation.
  8. He is conscious and it assumes that in case of non-payment or insufficient payment after the established terms, the domain name will happen to be available from that same moment for its registry in favor of a legitimized applicant.
  9. He is conscious and it assumes that, in case of breach of the rules and specificationses established by the Authority of Allocation for the suitable operation of the system of names of domain under .es, a name of registered domain can be terminated of definitive temporary form or.
  10. In agreement with its knowledge, the use of the domain name does not violate the rights of third parties.
  11. He is conscious and it assumes that the allocation of the name of low domain? .es? it supposes the submission to the system of extrajudicial resolution of conflicts on the use of names of domain in relation to, among others, the protected rights of industrial property in Spain, such as the commercial names, protected brands, appellations of origin, names of companies; or with the official or generally recognizable denominations of Public Administrations and organisms Spanish public, according to the procedure established in the Regulation of extrajudicial resolution of conflicts on the use of names of low domain? .es? , published in the webpage.
  12. He is conscious and he assumes that the results of the extrajudicial system of resolution of conflicts will be binding for the parts and the Authority of Allocation.
  13. He is conscious and he assumes that the allocation and registry of the name of domain to its favor confer exclusively the right to him to its use with the object of address in the system of domain name names and in the terms anticipated in the applicable norm
  14. He declares that the person of administrative contact that appears in the request tells on sufficient capacity of representation to such effects, assumes that she is the person responsible for any incidence related to the rights of use of the domain name and that this circumstance well-known and is accepted by her. Also he recognizes, that this administrative contact, as well as the technical contact and the one of invoicing, will have to be natural people.
  15. RED.ES, with direction in, will observe in the treatment of the personal data of the people and mentioned organizations the arranged thing in Regulation (the EU) 2016/679, of the European Parliament and the Council, of 27 of April of 2016 (in future RGPD), without using them to another different purpose that conducive to the allocation and the renovation of the domain name.
  16. He is conscious and it assumes that the contributed personal data in their request, in as much beneficiary of a domain name, could also be object of treatment by in the exercise of their function of development and promotion of the society of the information and for historical aims, statistical or of investigation, being able to be yielded, with these same purposes, to other Administrations in the assumptions anticipated in the RGPD.
  17. It declares that all the organizations and people related in the present request know and allow specifically that the personal data that have been facilitated appear reflected in as much internal data bases, as public, maintained by RED.ES and they stay in such situation in the terms in which it is necessary for the management of the Registry of the names of domain under? .es? , in agreement with the established thing by the RGPD. One inquires to him into which the allocation of the domain name requires necessarily that the personal data are published in Base de Datos of the Registry of names of domain under .es, accessible to the public through Internet.
  18. It knows and it assumes that the rights of access and rectification will be able to be exerted in agreement with the arranged thing in the norm of protection of personal character data. The rights of cancellation and opposition will only be able to exert previous the resignation to the name of asked for domain, since the treatment of the personal data on the part of is necessary for the allocation and renovation of the domain name.