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Frequent questions:


How I can change the form of payment of my services?

In order to change your form of payment, it follows these steps:

  1. - It accedes to your Area of Client.

  2. - Beam click in the button CLIENT DATA that you will find in the part superior.

  3. - It identifies the section INVOICING DATA.

  4. - It locates to the subparagraph PAYMENT DATA.

  5. - Your preferred Form of payment chooses, among the offered ones in the form.

  6. - It completes the rest of necessary data for the chosen form of payment (for example, the account number IBAN or the card number of credit).

When choosing as form of payment bank account, it is not necessary to both introduce first digits of the IBAN code (IS--): first text box leaves in target this, that our system will complete of automatic form. You only must introduce the 20 digits of your Spanish bank account; account numbers of other countries are not admitted.

In the case in that you want to form a credit card as form of payment is necessary that you activate it before to make safe payments through Internet.

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