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How I can change the fiscal data of invoicing for the next invoices?

If you wish that the next invoices of some of your contracted services are emitted with other data, it follows the following indications based on your tactical mission:

  • To change the data of invoicing of all domains. If you need to make a change in the fiscal data of invoicing so that the new invoices emit another person, trade name or DNI/NIF, is necessary that you create a new entrance of client in our data base to which the services will be transferred. In order to realise this change you only must enter your Area of Client and to follow these steps:

    1. It accedes to the section “Data of client? and beats on the button “To modify?.

    2. In the following screen they will appear to you the steps to follow. You will have to provide the data to us for the card of the new client, among them a new email address (different from whom you use at the moment as client of Thinks Solutions).

    3. You will receive in the contact email that you have indicated an e-mail with a connection to accept the transfer from the services to the new Area of Client.

    4. The new holder of invoicing has 7 days to accept this transfer. On the contrary, this one would be cancelled.

  • To change the data of invoicing of one or several domains so that they invoice to another client of Thinks Solutions. It follows the following steps:

    1. It accedes to the section “Services? of your Area of Client.

    2. Once located el/los dominio/s that you wish to change it beats in the icon of “administrative Management? of each of them.

    3. Crossing of Management to another client? beats in the option.

    4. The email of contact of the client will be requested to you who will be in charge as of this moment of the management of the domains.

    5. Once introduced, the system will send an email of request of change to this person who will have to accept it in a term nonsuperior to 7 days. If it accepts it within this one term, the crossing of dicho/s will be realised dominio/s to the new card of client throughout the day and you will receive clients both the messages of confirmation of change of management. If the crossing in the 7 indicated days is not accepted, once passed, you will receive an email of cancellation of this request.

  • To change the data of invoicing of one or several domains so that they invoice to another person who not yet is client of Thinks Solutions. If you wish to register a new client (who still does not appear in the data base of Thinks Solutions) to transfer some to him of the contracted services, you will have to accede to the following connection: https://shop.hosting-ehost.com/client-data-opt.php. The new card of client will register and you will be able to realise the change of products to this new card of client, being followed the steps indicated in the previous point.

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