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Positioning SEO

Positioning SEO | hosting-ehost rankingCoach

What are backlinks? What is linkbuilding?

In the section of “linkbuilding “you will find a series of webpages that we suggested to you so that you can have a link to your Web. We obtain these proposals of backlinks or I connect entrants of your competitors. That is to say, one is Webs that connect or tie your competitors. Therefore, they are merely orientativas and it is not necessary that is exactly that where they put a link to you. A good recommendation at the time of that you choose the links for your Web is that you think if they could be to them from interest to your clients or if they have excellent content.

An option so that you can obtain backlinks is to contact with the owners of the pages. If they request a compensation to you in the form of backlink from your website, we recommended to you that you do not pay your backlink unless is for Webs with authority and of quality in your sector. The objective is that you obtain to whatever more possible links is pages of your sector and not in one concrete one.

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