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Frequent questions:


What advice you give me to work with associates of much so large?

If you are forced to work with attached archives of great size in the mail (several Megabytes) are possible that you have problems.

A solution is that fractions the shipment of archives of great size. The habitual programs mail client have options outposts that allow to separate the messages in parts for the shipment, which they are reconstructed when being received. This will facilitate the shipment and the reception of these messages.

Anyway, you must have present the size of the shipment perhaps because the adressee has limited his space available in his mailbox and he cannot receive it.

We recommended for this type of shipments the use of accounts FTP, although you will need disc space in a servant in Internet and to give access the same to that must receive the file. This practical one is what is called virtual hard disk.

  • Protocol FTP is the ideal for the shipment of files and will work better than the shipment by smtp.

If you have disc space, you can create a new account FTP that aims at a subfolder within the directory DATA of your domain and to deposit the archives to transfer there.

  • When being located within the directory DATA, its content will not be accessible from a navigator, reason why they will only be able to accede to the same who we wish.

  • You will only be able to make it from Smart Web Hosting, since it allows you to create several accounts FTP.

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