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Frequent questions:


How realised are installments of invoices to the clients?

The installments of invoices are realised according to the form of payment that you have chosen in your Area of Client (debit or credit card).

If at some time you wish to change your form of payment, you will be able to make it from the section “Data of Payment? of your Area of Client. For it, you only must follow the following steps:

  1. - It accedes to your Area of Client.

  2. - Beam click in the button CLIENT DATA that you will find in the part superior.

  3. - It identifies the section INVOICING DATA

  4. - It locates to the subparagraph PAYMENT DATA

  5. - Your preferred Form of payment chooses, among the offered ones in the form

  6. - It completes the rest of necessary data for the chosen form of payment

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