Data base WHOIS

You want to know the data the holder of a domain? With the public data base WHOIS you will be able to consult this one and another information in a matter of seconds.

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    It consults the data of the WHOIS

Data base of domain WHOIS

Through this finder you will be able to consult the engineering datas and of contact of a domain. Any person can consult this information since public is data.

To see conditions of use

Conditions of Use of the Finder of WHOIS

The data facilitated through present form of WHOIS data are data collected in real time, of the data bases of corresponding Registradores and/or Registries, in relation to the information associated to a domain name. These data are facilitated you in order to only obtain data on the registry of a domain name and they are not tried nor stored beyond required time to show the required information. The one is the effective norm of international organism ICANN that regulates the use of any data obtained through system search WHOIS, and according to the same you accept and she is committed to only use these data with legitimate aims; abstaining also to use these data it stops:

  • - to allow, to make possible or to facilitate the by email electronic transmission, telephone, or fax of not asked for massive supplies, or

  • - to make possible or to take to end electronic processes, automated or of great volume to successfully obtain or to collect these data, with any purpose, between which it is possible to be included, the obtaining of these data for its own personal or commercial use.

The access to the WHOIS data could be restricted and/or be blocked in case you do not fulfill the arranged thing in the present conditions of use, notwithstanding the faculty to adopt the legal measures that are considered opportune in case of breach on the other hand of the norm established for the data base WHOIS.

So that it serves

The WHOIS allows you to consult the data of domain name. The new General Regulation of Protection of Datos (RGPD) has reduced the public information that it shows the WHOIS. Between the data that you will be able to consult they are: data of the recorder, engineering datas of the domain (date of registry and expiration, information of DNS…) and information on the holder and the contacts technical and administrative.

The information that is in this data base is public and depends on the Registries in the case of the territorial domains.

Steps stop
to transfer my domain

Is the domain that you want for your project Web registered?
You are the holder? You can transfer it to Thinks Solutions about 3 simple steps:

  1. It asks for the transfer in Thinks Solutions.
  2. As to title of the domain you will receive an email to validate that you are the holder and that you have right on the domain. Also a auth-code or authorization code will be requested to you (except for the domains .es).
  3. It will be come to confirm the recorder change of the domain. Within 5 days you will be able to manage your domain in Thinks Solutions.