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Web Solutions,
hosting and domains

We know that only it is possible to grow with your projects. Our bet: to always offer a professional, safe and flexible service to you.

This it is our DNA.


We are one of the main companies of Hosting and Registro de Dominios of the Spanish market. The young, dynamic and creative spirit distinguishes our proposal of value that reunites the maximum quality on watch to highly competitive prices.

Our mission consists of helping our clients, individuals and professionals, to secure its objectives with a lodging in reasonable, trustworthy and safe Internet. In order to obtain we counted it on the technology more outpost and a trajectory in the sector that we initiated in 2000, providing one expanded experience to us to guarantee the quality of our solutions. And, by all means, the guarantee to belong to a group world-wide leader, United Internet.

In our DNA it is the commitment with the innovation and our capacity to re-invent to us continuously to offer always a service of maximum quality to a reasonable price. In order to obtain it, we counted on a team of professionals it jeopardize, highly qualified and oriented to reach the maximum satisfaction of the client.


About Solutions Thinks we bet by the efficiency and the quality to offer to our clients the most creative and innovating solutions of the market, with all the guarantees of security and reliability. Our principles are the soul of the company and they lead us to the success.


We offer products of first brands that satisfy the most demanding needs with our clients: IBM, HP and Red Hat Enterprise.


We innovate so that our clients can distinguish with professional results and original solutions. Its success is our main objective.


We want to help our clients to only reach its objectives, centering to us in the important thing: solid services, simple technology and to the best price.


We evolve continuously to respond to the changeable needs of the market and to always offer the best solutions of presence in Internet.


We count on the technology more outpost. We every day have a IDC of last generation, with monitored machines the 24 hours of the day of the year.


The work that there is behind a done good thing has a cost; for that reason, we cannot give our products, but offer them to the best price.

of vanguard

Datacenter of Internet (IDC) of last generation, with a robust technical infrastructure and of network, whose physical and computer science security system guarantees the best specificationses for the servants.

Servants of Internet of the more prestigious brands of hardware: IBM and HP.

Monitored machines the 24 hours of the day, every day of the year.

Operating system Linux, in its Red Hat Enterprise distribution, which provides major stability.

Professionals to the service of the client

Our equipment is integrated by highly qualified professionals and it jeopardize with the quality and the service to the client.

We bet by the talent and the continuous formation to guarantee to our professionals the constant access to the last technological tendencies.

Always to the vanguard, anticipating the future needs of our clients and incorporating the best advances available in the market.